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SimplexDiam, Inc

The Right Diamond Hoops
By Diamond Hoops


Choosing the right diamond hoop is more involved than deciding how much you want to spend and finding the largest carat weight diamond hoops you can purchase. The decision should also involve style, wearability, and what suits you the best. For example, which style of diamond hoops best complements your facial structure? Where and how often do you expect to wear them? And, ultimately, after considering all the variables – Which style of diamond hoop do you find most attractive?


Your Ears Are as Unique As Your Fingerprints


A study published in Yale Scientific in May of 2011 showed that our ears are just as unique as our fingerprints. No two pairs of ears are exactly alike, and scientists are creating a computer recognition software that would identify us by our ears. Every human being’s ear is unique – when you combine this startling fact with a myriad of other variables including: the shape of the face, the degree to which each individual’s ear protrudes, the distance from each earlobe to the shoulder – the search for the perfect diamond hoop gains more focus.


Human Ear


Choosing the appropriate diamond hoop is more an art than a science. There is no “perfect” diamond hoop for each person, instead visualize how the pair would look on your ear and the structure of your face. Even subtle features can affect the decision process. This visualization exercise will be most effective if you imagine the hoops in context of your overall facial characteristics. Doing this in front of a mirror may help - Trust your instinct.

Rounds, Ovals & Shared Prong Diamond Hoop Styles


We manufacture several general shapes and styles of diamond hoops to help you find the best possible pair for you. The traditional round hoops are, of course, timeless and classic. We also manufacture an updated oval shape which may fit your look better. They are invariably a bit longer and larger than most of our round hoops.


Also to keep in mind, is that if you already own a pair of classic diamond hoops, a pair of oval hoops may be just the right addition to your jewelry box for special occasions and events. Our shared prong styles introduce a subtle variation from the classic round hoops. They are more subtle than the classic round hoops - the lack of 4 prongs means that the external framework of gold is less which reduces the profile of the diamond hoop. They are slightly less noticeable – however, the reduced framework also enthuses the diamonds to sparkle more – as if finely suspended in air without metal surrounding them to absorb some of the light.




The primary purpose we create the same carat weight diamond hoops in the same shape in multiple sizes is to encourage our customers to find the pair that best suits their facial composition. Refer to the images, both diamond hoops are 1.00 carat – our most popular creation, but which look suits you better? When visualizing, keep in mind that the larger 1.00 carat hoops will have smaller diamonds - whereas smaller hoops in the same carat weight will have proportionately larger diamonds.


Again this choice is an extremely personal one. Are the diamond hoops meant to attract attention or to complement your own personal beauty? Do larger diamond – smaller diamond hoops achieve this? Or do smaller diamond – larger diamond hoops achieve this? There is no right answer to this.


Lifestyle and Function


Now that you’ve considered the diamond shape – you should also consider which suits your lifestyle and where you intend to wear them. As you can see in these images, a pair of 5.0-carat hoops next to a pair of 1.0-carat hoops. The smaller diamond hoops are classic and tasteful, but they lack the flare and all-out glamour of the larger hoops. Which you choose depends a lot on where and how often you intend to wear them. Are you going to wear them to work or to brunch with friends? Or are you reserving them for making a special appearance at a gala event?


If you are fairly active and you intend to wear your hoop earrings on a daily basis, you may want to consider a pair of the daintier, more economical diamond hoops. They hang closer to your ear and are less likely to get hooked on something as you go about your day. They’re also generally a subtler choice and more appropriate for most people’s daily wear. The price point is also more reasonable so you would worry less as you wear the pair regularly. Remember, “smaller and daintier” is relative. We recently sold a 3.00 carat pair to a prominent politician’s wife since the 5.00 carat pair was too formal.


However, if you’re purchasing a pair of diamond hoops for special occasions – Choose a pair you love and push the budget to satisfy the desire. They are intended to set you apart from the crowd and spending a little more will ensure they do.


Choosing the right diamond hoops is a very personal decision. In the end, it’s up to you which shape, size, and price point fits you. All of our diamond hoops are timeless and elegant, and we’re certain that we have the best possible choice for you.





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