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SimplexDiam, Inc

Our Philosophy & Design
By Diamond Hoops


At DiamondHoops.com, we believe in making the finest quality and most beautiful diamond hoop earrings. Our unique business model allows us to specialize and craft incredibly valuable and exquisite diamond hoops that are perfect for you.


DiamondHoops.com is inspired by and has been born out of a great desire to create objects of great value and beauty that last the test of time. For years, our diamond experts have been creating fine jewelry for a number of prestigious jewelers and independent retailers. By combining our collective expertise, experience, and product knowledge with a constant source of recycled diamonds, we are able to create the finest quality diamond hoop earrings and sell them directly to you the consumer at prices well below market value.


Why Specialize in Diamond Hoops?


Giotto in the 19th century proved the mastery of his art by drawing the perfect circle freehand for Pope Boniface VIII. Similarly, we seek to research, design and manufacture the perfect pair of diamond hoops. Rather than making a wide range of mediocre products, our aim is to create a singular and outstanding product – something that we would purchase for ourselves in a perfect world, were money no object.


Hoop earrings are one of the oldest known forms of jewelry, and the diamond hoop is the most beautiful and elegant of all hoop earrings. Diamond hoops have been adorning men and women for millennia since the dawn of civilization.


Not only are diamond hoops timeless and elegant, but they are also highly personal. Every individual and every ear is unique. This allows us a measure of creativity and provides us with a challenge: crafting the perfect diamond hoop for you. Read our Blog: Deciding on the Right Diamond Hoops


Our creations include inside-outside round diamond hoops, slightly modified oval diamond hoops, and shared prong inside outside diamond hoops. Round diamond hoops are our most classic and popular of creations. Oval diamond hoops are a slight variation that complement certain facial structures better. The shared prong diamond hoop is meant to reduce the profile of the metal in each hoop while simultaneously enhancing the sparkle of each diamond. They may be slightly less visible but are more brilliant and effervesce when they finally emerge and refract a ray of light.


Our Process


The process for creating each of our diamond hoop earrings is meticulous. We believe that jewelry should be made only from the very finest materials and it should be a store of wealth. To supply you with the perfect products at attractive prices, we implement a rigorous process from choosing diamonds to creating hoops.


We begin by scouring the whole world’s diamond markets for the very best values on new and recycled diamonds. There is a team of 3 people who embark on this challenge daily to seek out they finest quality and most reasonable value purchases. Our standards are exacting, only a very small percentage of the diamonds parcels in the world meet our requirements. We have chosen to focus our purchases and our business model on recycled diamonds because they are simultaneously more reasonably priced and better for the environment than sourcing newly mined diamonds.


Once sourced, we separate our diamonds into assortments, which are then grouped and matched for each pair of diamond hoops. For this part of the process, we use a matching plate and possibly a matching box to ensure that the diamonds are perfectly assorted and matched for a perfect end product. This is an extremely tedious in-house process, guaranteeing that each product meets our stringent standards of quality.


One of our master craftsmen then handsets and polishes each diamond hoop. Finally, each pair of diamond hoops is thoroughly inspected by our quality control team to ensure that our customers are not only satisfied but truly delighted with their diamond hoops.


We trust our craftsmen to create beautiful hoop earrings, but we insist on obsessive quality control, as well as constant research and development. Testing and discovering new products ensures we create perfect products that our customers will wear for years to come. A diamond is forever, and our diamond hoops should be too.


Research and Development


We are driven by a desire to design nothing but the finest, most classic, and beautifully constructed diamond hoops possible. We want our hoop earrings to not only last a lifetime, but also to remain in style and beauty for years to come.

We also refine this search by considering our customers’ comfort. No matter how large or small, we design our hoops to be neither too heavy nor too light. They can each be worn comfortably throughout the day and well into the evening.


A Patented Locking Device


To ensure that our diamond hoops aren’t ever accidentally lost while wearing them, we’ve created a patented locking mechanism that keeps them in place as long as you wear them. We include this locking mechanism – which you can hear crisply snap into place when you put on our diamond hoops – on many of our earrings.

You rest assured that you won’t lose your earrings due to a tug from a stray lock of hair or some other mishap – And you can take off the diamond hoops off quickly and easily. When it’s time to remove your earrings, just press down on the lock’s lever, and the diamond hoop will glide open with no effort at all.


At DiamondHoops.com, we believe in crafting magnificent products that you will cherish and wear for years to come and that you may even pass down as memories to the next generation. We implement our philosophy of quality and value through our entire process, from design to acquiring diamonds to manufacturing elegant, timeless diamond hoops. We guarantee only the best to our customers.






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